Vastu Tips to Get Marriage Early

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture that helps people to bring harmony and balance in their lives. It is believed that by following vastu tips to marriage early. This article will discuss some simple yet effective vastu tips for getting married early.

Underground water tanks placed in the southwestern sides of the structures is a big cause in delays for the marriage. Elevations which have lower and lighter southwest are another cause for the delay and obstruction in the association for marriage. Especially girls who are not getting married should take care not to use the southwest corner of the house as a bedroom, in a more minute way the door of their room should not be given in the south western corner of the room.

Vastu tips to marriage early

.The first tip is to keep the main entrance of your house clean and clutter free. This will help in bringing positive energy into your home and attract good luck. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the bedroom has enough space for two people as this will create a positive atmosphere for marriage.

.Another key tip is to hang a picture of Lord Ganesha in the north-east direction of your house as it is believed to be auspicious for marriage prospects.

Placing a pair of swans or cranes in the north-west corner also helps in getting married early according to vastu shastra principles.

.The second best option available for locating a bedroom is the West direction.

.she should place her head either in the West or the South direction as this can be quite favourable.
.Ensure that light and bright colors are used in the bed sheets with the likes of pink, violet, yellow, white and light blue.
.For an unmarried male, it is advised for the person to sleep in the North-East or the South-West bedroom,
.The second best option available for an unmarried male to sleep is in the South bedroom.
.For those who have mangal dosha in their Kundli. It is highly suggestive of the family to paint the doors of the boy’s and girl’s room with colors like bright red and pink as this can reduce the negative effect of the dosha.
.Money should be kept in a locker in the south-west corner of the bed room. This way you would be able to attain financial stability.
.Make sure that the underground water tank is not in the south-west direction.
.Vastu Shastra rejects the idea of keeping an aquarium in the bedroom. It is believed that if they live there, they will attract material loss.

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