Welcome to Dr. Master Raghav’s website. I am a match-making specialist and a world-renowned astrologer in USA. I am known for my accurate match-making and precision astrology. I have been successfully doing this for many years now by using my skills, knowledge and experience acquired from various sources of literature like Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayanam, Puranas, Agasthya Samhita etc., to identify the most appropriate match for someone’s liking and compatibility.

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Everyone has different criteria when it comes to love. Some people want to find their soulmate while others are looking for just a fun time with someone they can connect with on an intellectual level. Some want a traditional marriage while others want to take the plunge into the world of open relationships. For those who are seeking something different and unconventional, finding the right match can be a nightmare – especially if you’re new in town or don’t know anyone well enough yet to get the word out on your search for “the one.”

But what if there was someone who could help you find that perfect match.

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Master Raghav is an experienced astrologer and spiritual advisor who has been treating people with love and care since 2004. Whether it be a marriage problem or a financial dilemma, we can help with both traditional and modern solutions.

We have made it easy for you by offering all our services on a single platform. We offer personalized consultations according to your horoscope and astrological reading. We share your concern in a safe environment and provide you with remedies that may help address the issue as well as future developments as well as guiding your life in general.

All our consultations are done through phone, face-to-face or online video sessions.

Live a better life with astrology, psychic & spiritual guidance. Master Raghav helps people from all walks of life overcome obstacles and find their true path in life. From finding your love partner or partner to overcoming financial struggles, Master Raghav will help you achieve what’s important to you.His services include astrology, spiritual reading, face reading, photo reading and phone reading.